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Tuition and Financial Assistance

Making the decision to send your child to a Catholic school is an important financial decision. You value the importance of a Catholic education and we appreciate that. We want to help you make Catholic education possible for your family.

The following is a review of the tuition at St. Charles School as well as financial assistance and payment options that are available to you.



Parishioner Non-Parishioner
$3,600 $5,500



One Child Two Children Three Children
$3,600 $6,025 $8,080



One Child Two Children Three Children
$5,500 $11,000 $16,500



  • Registration/Re-registration fee of $25 per child (due upon registration)
  • Supply Fee of $40 per child (due upon registration)

Payment Options

  • To pay tuition in full, directly to St. Charles School, by August 14, 2022
    *(apply a 1% discount if paid by July 22, 2022) 
  • To pay tuition monthly to the school, divided by 10 or 11 payments
  • To go through the DOY Credit Union

Financial Assistance

There are three possible sources of financial assistance for families with children in our elementary schools:

  1. The Diocese of Youngstown Foundation Catholic School Tuition Assistance Fund
  2. St. Charles Parishioner Educational Endowment Fund
  3. A student's Catholic parish, other than St. Charles

In all three scenarios, families must complete the FACTS Grant and Aid Application online by February 28, 2022. **This will use your current FACTS Tuition Management Account**  

After completing your application, you may then apply for financial aid from the Diocese of Youngstown &/or The St. Charles Parishioner Educational Endowment Fund. Families MUST first fill out the re-enrollment and/ or new application online with a hard deadline of February 28, 2022 in order to be considered.