Special Services

Speech, Language and Hearing Services

Routine screenings for language/speech problems are done at specific grade levels. Children referred by the professional staff, parents or physician are given a threshold hearing test. For students with speech, language or hearing problems, the speech therapist plans an individualized follow-up program and maintains on-going parent and teacher contact. 

Psychological Testing

A school psychologist is available for individual testing and diagnosis. The administration, parents or teacher may refer a student for testing. Testing can be done after other interventions planned have not produced the desired results. Written parent permission is required in order for the psychologist to proceed with formal testing or intervention.

Guidance Counselors

Guidance counselors are available to the students on a part-time basis throughout the school year. Counselors plan and prepare special curriculum segments and are available for consultation with teachers, parents and students upon request. 

Title I Services

Small group tutoring is provided for students in grades K through 4 in reading and/or math who qualify on the basis of standardized tests. 

Remedial Reading

Short-term or long-term individual and small group services are provided for students who need support in reading.

Parent permission is needed for most special services whether these are provided through St. Charles School or Special Services personnel.